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tv   [untitled]    February 8, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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john and jim. the city is a creature it announces grand programs. the mayor has press conventions and announces his undying love for a specific site for the warriors. people start big study. they have zoning and rezoned octavia and western areas. we get out of this is a commitment to quote market rate housing specifically a lot of how end market housing. we having mandates out of various legislation that says the port is basically going to use the port for multi dollars
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for the port. we have press released enthusiastically announcing housing along other streets. the staff didn't knows how many years to take down central freeway is octavia and the embarcadero freeway. including a mayor that was dumped. and it is not an easy thing to have this project thrown into the mix right now. we have done eastern neighborhoods you were doing them without environmental review and they're coming through as non-controversial projects and as high-end housing. at the same time, we recent have
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huge need for protecting and middle-class housing yet the housing has gun into high-end housing market octavia is an example. then this thrown into the mix. how do we have waterfront transit places that doesn't include going down surface street on the freeway exit from any two 80. i don't understand that at all. we're going full board open this assessment and this is the project before you in a couple of months and at the end of the year. warriors are supposed to come in january. how do we handle all that. your heading to a place you're
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making decisions without everything in front of the you and a forget sea level rise >> thank you. any additional any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner moore and i have a question. i don't fully understand the extent of the study going south. exactly at what point does the existing slaeld two 80 where don't it come to grade many people choose to go elevated and the interchange is 101. you don't have to answer the question i'm just adding to our future thoughts. the other thing what is the
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extent of the rfp is it design focused or parish technical studies because all the design ideas are greatest unless you can't execute them. i'm curious about the waiting >> how many responses your expecting the feet perimeters and so those are a couple of questions surrounding your rfp. >> there's a lot of questions. so for each of the components it has a different study area specific to you 80 we're taking down north of i possess and we're not looking at additional ramps. so this was your first question >> yes. thank you. >> i did not write them down.
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the other question what's the nature of the project is it urban development or primarily engineering the answer is both. we understand this is a major components with a lot of pieces. we're looking for out of the project one or two or possibly 3 incisions of feasible alternatives of the 5 components. so for future study so this is the first of what will be at least two contracts. that second contract to determine the preferred you alternatives and take it through the environmental clearance and implement that. and you were looking for perimeters. we've written into the rfp is that phase one the conceptual development i've asked the
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consultants to put together cost estimates for $550,000 and the part two is for future analysis is up to one million dollars that's what we've budgeted for the consultant part of the project >> thank you. >> commissioner wu. >> so first, i building commissioner moore has asked before online presentations to have one website open was department planning. with regard to this plan i want to support the comments by the gentleman. as we're in this housing crisis there's a need to build on whatever invokes to come up with new creative ideas.
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pushing the envelope is important. i know the online sites principles are in refinement currently and will continual be discussed. the second big issue happening in the city is around pedestrian safety. there's a lot of lessons learned from octavia we've tried to fix that intersection there's been a number of accidents. i know the sooner we start subcontracting the thinking the better >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes. i'd like to support the idea of including the housing analysis for a higher level of forgettable and thirty percent is in the traffic signal but you know that motive because this is public we modesty want
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to push that a bit. in any case is that part of the analysis or getting into too much detail >> i'm going to let josh speak to that. >> that will be part of the analysis we'll look at the the various land use mixes is and fouthd the land use implementation we're grapple with the affordability. >> i assume that i mean one of the components is to boulevard i too 80 but can the rfp in n this case not structured to not boulevarding it. >> i believe ultimately we wanted a huge matrix if you do this and that what will happen. i believe a no bill alternative
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for each of the projects >> thank you. >> my thoughts i'm excited about this this is a very good first stem e step and what i'm most excited to look at the building of so far. i'm excited this is where transit is meeting planning and if we're going to anticipate any growth housing e commercial growth we need to takes into account transit i know that's a difficult challenge. we brought on the right popcorn who tackle it in objected cities so i think it's good to be excited but it but not two excited we're going in the right direction hopefully, we'll explore all the option that will
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fencing san francisco >> commissioner moore. >> i would be triggered to see a couple of analogs a majority of the cities have the same problem perhaps not as the freeways that come close to do you only how did the plan for future i can think of a couple cities in europe but i'd like to see us have a catalog of analogs that's intriguing and exciting. >> okay. thank you very much. the commission is going to take a short lunch 25
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>> week to week to the san francisco planning commission i'd like to remind members of audience to turn off mobile devices and when speaking before the commission please do state your name for the record. >> conversions we left open on item 14. the planning code repair uses
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this is an informational presentation >> stove with the planning department staff. before i goat into this i'm going to introduce some of the co-sponsor start with john with the economic workforce development >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners. john leo with the economic development i'll have some brief comments. so many of us recall the debate in this hearing room leading unup to the eastern neighborhoods planning process the debate around spiritual distribution repairs and whether or not there was any demand nor the uses in the city whether there will even if be a demand in the future and if we should
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keep any land at all reserved for those activities in san francisco. with that backdrop today's decision shows you hoe we engage the dialog of providing for space for light and spiritual businesses in san francisco for bio today and tomorrow shows how far the conversation has evolved. part of the growth in merchandising san francisco is not struggling to find space for small and memoranda sized industrial businesses to locate and expand in san francisco. as we've proposed this is really how our districts are supposed to work. from the competition a whole
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angst range spiritual folks ultimately competing monk themselves their streamlining the process and having new merchandising space. so the pursuit is an ongoing collaboration with several city offices and our industry partner so supporting the local survival of the local merchandising merchandising was the mayors project and he was pleased to recommend this with that supervisor campos and commissioner wu and also
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commissioners recognize this not only this proposal but ongoing pr issues. i know this is informational but some of my colleagues b will get into the details but we're here along with other members of the team to help answer questions >> thank you. hi, commissioners andrea with supervisor campos office. john talked about you how harvey happy we're to create new p dr space. people authenticity we were going spot wrong direction to promote properties for space. but we've spent a lot of time therapists demonstrated to our merchandising industry is
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actively growing and diverse first degree. so about a year ago we were brained stomping with the planning department staff and members of the board of supervisors at the around how can we make new p dr space easier to find in the city interest the planning staff is going to 0 go through the details but the sprifrts has spent a lot of time about the affordability crisis we're going on going through additional terms of housing and supervisor cowen thinks about it in terms of housing and preserving real blue-collar jobs. the p dr provides job opportunity with a people of a
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variety of educational skill sets to provide livelihoods in san francisco so anything we can do to help preserve the workforce in the eastern workforce and in the city. we've been meeting with a lot of stakeholders and the advisory council and we're open to meet and serve feedback this is why it's an informational item. there's a lot of consensus around objectives but the key components that we believe in this legislation that are incredibly important are a program to support new construction as p dr space in the city and a of you discrete areas encourage better p dr
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space and have incubator space and make it easier for common p dr folks to meet by changing the requirement. its also important we're not significantly changing the development program or the types of uses that there have been contemplated. we have a tremendous r tremendous amount of respect for the feedback. i'm going to turn it over to one of our other co- sponsors supervisor campos office >> i'm from supervisor campos
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officer. much p of what supervisor campos office has presented is we've got to the policy to make the p dr space for affordable for jobs in san francisco and the best use of those parcels that be under developed in san francisco we're going to work with strrltdz so each of the people that this effects are at the table and a looking forward to progressing some of the things that are causing problems and looking forward to working with the community and making sure this piece of legislation goes forward. thank you >thanks. i'm launch into the legislation to create space for p dr spaces
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and make it easier inform p dr spaces available. so let's speak to the creating more spaces so far the p dr businesses. there's a lot of demand and the distribution and repair the p dr tracks with the economy the businesses are doing well. in the production development it is growing. adding any high paying jobs without having to have a four-year degree. p dr can't command enough in rent so they need supplements.
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we have affordable housing and transportation that needs to be relied on. we created two new work spaces both of which relied on p dr spaces speaker we recognize this wouldn't provide larger spaces for some p dr companies. this includes two proposals the first is new development antonio on large parcels if they provide a substantial amount of p dr space they have to be north of 20th street and the building is 33 percent p dr. to insure it's a quality p dr space we have a plan that
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conveys how to keep the rent low available. we can this is an important poise and we're working with the city attorney for how to make that requirement. to insure this office space doesn't have to have a lot of parking space and all those projects require conditional use to clovls scrutinize the process. if i could have the overhead. i just want to show everyone a map of where those would potentially be. perfect. while - i'll just wait a minute.
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a hero on this map you can clearly see (laughter) >> the pink spaces which are few and far between on the northern side. i'll try it again (laughter) thank you okay. so here the p dr districts in purple this is the northern portion i'm tripping myself out with this technology. this way so people can understand it. there's along 7th street think of the old greyhound station for example, the others are scattered throughout the
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district those are meeting the criteria i'll talk about we don't actually think this will get development on love of those sites this is the basin criteria and up to the planning commission to see if there's a viable opportunity. so we can come back but i want to add a couple of points on office. the amount of office proposed by this prop 13wr5g9d p dr this new legislation has now visible a impacts. we've heard those offices b will take up too much space so we've we've got it at 33 percent. they determine that for one feasible development was 12
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percent but nobody felt comfortable so we set the bar to percent and give this we don't expect many 69 locations to move forward with the proposal and when we do wholly we'll see the substantial amount of p dr space. i think we can take this overhead off now. the first is to allow self storage practices to rebuild. this is based on the storage facility and if no other change. we want to make the p dr to share assessable retail for people to sell their wares and we've seen this at industrial
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center where businesses will benefit. and to tweak the enterprise workforce space this is based on sf data that the preponderance of their companies will benefit and to promote p dr better safe than sorry we're going to have a business plan to what we just discussed. we want to make it easier for p dr businesses to get permits. those are mostly food and bermgz based on the companies in the last 5 years and especially small-sca small-sca small-scale brerz. finally, we have two changes one is to move the chemical lashes
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out of the definition of p dr and cleaning up 9 p dr section of the code which p dr was created we allowed property owns to get refunds for certain things. we're including the benefits of the p dr use they can - the property owners who were not involved in the property sensitivities. the discontinues of the enterprise zone there's no more common line and that's information that's collected. the complieks is an administrative burden for the city. we're rigging the p dr companies to provide a plan.
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recently their becoming conditional use after 5 years unless we change things they'll become a come use so the commission can review them. that completes the nuts and bolts and happy to answer questions >> opening it up for public comme comment. i have two speaker cards. thank you. kate and john >> hi, commissioners it's good to be back and see a few familiar faces. the last time i was here was the close of the eastern area planning process and stood here wondering about the future and how much space will we need for
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merchandising industries and the team has given us the good news and a adding 10 percent more employment. the san francisco's manufacturers in the city have expansion space because of the jobs we have 5 hundred and 34 of them now per over thirty percent are younger than sf and unless we're concerned about the jobs 80 percent are for immigrants from other countries and we condition to see the trends. the tough news is the lack of being able to find industrial space is now the number one threat to the growth of the
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sector payroll it's not just a question of the internal competition. as i stand here today one of our best loved chocolate factory is moving to the east bay and on the other end my fascinate and only 3-d mustards who created 20 jobs in the last year has signed a lease in as an landing prove or disprove there's some degree of urgency to come up with solutions to implement and i want to impress that urgency upon you. we're excited to be collaborating for the last few months to bring forward the legislation it's has data


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